OPEN GYM      

Open Gym is back, beginning August 1st, 2021! 

Open Gym is a drop-in program. No registration required.

Open Gym Schedule:


12:00pm-1:30pm ages 6 and under

1:45pm-3:15pm ages 7-12

3:30pm-5:00pm ages 13+


1 Hour $10 per child

1.5 Hours $13 per child

Open Gym Rules:

We would like to extend a few gentle reminders while you enjoy the gym:

  • the Ninja House is for children ages 6 and under only

  • please jump one at a time on all of our trampolines

  • the Tumble Track (the long trampoline) is one way only → into the foam pit

  • always land feet or bottom first in the the foam pit and climb out quickly so the next person can go

  • the rope is for climbing only; no swinging allowed

  • no jumping into the pit off the pit bar spotting platform

  • hands must always stay on the bar, never hang by just your legs

  • take turns, ask a coach if you need help, and have fun