Tumble Bears 3 (Girls and Boys): This teacher-directed class with small class size allows for lots of turns and close personal attention. Our specially designed curriculum provides a safe and progressive approach to learning that gives your child many opportunities to feel successful. Your child will learn valuable skills including how to follow directions, participate safely in group activities, and control their bodies.

Tumble Bears 4 (Girls): This class is designed to promote beginner skill development with an emphasis on fun! The Tumble Bears 4 curriculum provides age appropriate challenges as 4 yr olds have slightly greater attention spans and body control. Instructors have the opportunity to give more detailed instruction and students are able to perform more difficult tasks, all with age and size appropriate equipment using a circuit style format.


Register today for a free trial class! We offer rolling registration year round. Once registered in an available class, you may come in for your free trial! Final registration will take place on site. There is a one time only $40 registration fee or $60 family max. 


$65 - Tuition is monthly and due by the 10th of each month.


Leotards or close fitting clothing (no zippers/prominent buttons or loose clothing) and no socks. Please have hair pulled up and secured away from their face. No dangling earrings or jewelry.